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What is the cause of brake cylinder oil leakage?

Apr 28, 2024

The brake cylinder oil leakage may be caused by the following reasons:

1. Rupture of oil pump cup: In this case, oil leakage is usually not particularly severe.

2. Gap issue between the piston of the slave pump and the inner wall of the slave pump: It may be due to uneven wear, abnormal wear caused by foreign objects, or problems with the sealing cup, such as being cut by foreign objects, quality problems with the cup that cannot be completely sealed during repeated movements, or deformation of the cup after being heated during movement.

3. Quality issues with brake fluid (brake fluid): Choosing the correct model of brake fluid is crucial, and it is important to note that even if the model is the same, there may be differences in products from different manufacturers.

4. Manufacturing and processing issues with the piston and brake cylinder itself: This is also a possible cause of brake cylinder oil leakage. The above are common reasons, and the specific situation can be preliminarily judged based on the degree and location of the oil leakage, as well as the driving status and loading situation of the vehicle during the oil leakage.

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