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The working principle of the brake wheel cylinder

Apr 28, 2024

The working principle of the brake wheel cylinder:


When the brake is applied, the oil outlet opens and the oil inlet closes. Under the pressure of the piston in the pump body, the brake oil pipe is squeezed out and flows towards each brake cylinder to perform the braking function. When releasing the brake pads. The oil outlet in the brake master cylinder will close and the oil inlet will open, allowing brake oil to flow back from each brake cylinder to the brake master cylinder and return to its original state.


Driven by the engine, the air pump compresses the air into a high-pressure gas storage cylinder. One of the air reservoirs can be connected to the brake master cylinder through a pipeline. The brake master cylinder is divided into two chambers, the upper chamber controls the rear wheels and the lower chamber controls the front wheels. When the driver steps on the brake pedal, the upper air is first opened, and the high-pressure gas from the reservoir is transmitted to the relay valve, pushing out the control piston of the relay valve. At this time, the gas from the other reservoir can be connected to the two rear brake cylinders through the relay valve. The push rod of the brake wheel cylinder is pushed forward, and the cam is rotated by adjusting the back to an angle. The cam is eccentric, and while rotating, the brake shoes are stretched open and friction is generated with the brake drum to achieve the braking effect.

When the upper chamber of the brake master cylinder is opened, the lower chamber is also opened, and high-pressure gas enters the quick release valve, which is then distributed to the brake cylinders of the two front wheels. The same goes for the rear wheels.

When the driver releases the brake pedal, the upper and lower chambers close, and the pistons of the front quick entry valve and the rear relay valve return to their original positions under the action of springs. The front and rear brake cylinders are connected to the atmosphere of the air chamber, the push rod returns, and the braking is completed.

Usually, the rear wheels brake first and the front wheels wait, which is beneficial for the driver to control the direction.

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