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How many brake cylinders are there in a car

Apr 28, 2024

The number of brake cylinders for a car should be 4. Due to brake distribution requirements, the front wheels are usually double cylinder and the rear wheels are single cylinder. Repair method for brake cylinder:

1. The primary task is to remove the bolts of the brake cylinder and check if the sealing ring of the piston is damaged or if there is serious oil leakage. If there is, it needs to be replaced as soon as possible;

2. Next is the location of the locking pin, which is crucial to check for any signs of jamming. If there is one, it will accelerate the wear of one side of the brake pad, affecting the occurrence of thin and thick conditions on one side. At this point, it is necessary to replace the repair kit for the brake cylinder;

3. But it should be noted that when repairing, we must push the cover plate in and hook the wire, otherwise the cover plate is very easy to suddenly fall off and hit our hands. You should know that the weight of this cover plate is not light.

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