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What is the function of the clutch pressure plate?

Apr 28, 2024

The clutch pressure plate can press the clutch driven plate onto the flywheel, transmitting engine torque. Conversely, it controls the rotation of the driven plate;

The spring box clamp on the pressure plate is used to reduce the initial torsional stiffness of the transmission system, thereby reducing a certain natural frequency of the transmission system's torsional system;

The clutch pressure plate is an important structure on the clutch, which plays a crucial role in ensuring the safety of vehicle operation.

There are friction plates on the clutch pressure plate, just like the brake pads on the wheels, which are made of wear-resistant asbestos and copper wire. The friction plates on the pressure plate also have the minimum allowable thickness. After a long driving distance, the friction plates on the pressure plate also need to be replaced.

There are generally two types of clutch pressure plate components: with spiral springs and with diaphragm springs. The difference between them is the way the pressure plate is pressed towards and away from the clutch driven plate.

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